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Looking After Your Health & Wellbeing

An individuals' health and wellbeing plays a big part in how they feel on a day-to-day basis. That’s why we recommend that being able to find ways to look after our mind, body and fitness levels is something that people should prioritise whenever they can.

Q Sports Physio Kew is centred around looking after your health and wellbeing through physiotherapy, personal training, acupuncture and massage. We’re writing this blog post to tell you more about the ways the healthcare clinic can help.

Having aches and pains in our body can greatly affect how we feel and how we manage our daily activities. It could be an injury that has caused pain in the past and has become noticeable again. It could be a twinge in your back, general aches after exercising, the list goes on.

Whilst aches and pains can be perfectly normal, you don’t have to “put up” with them. Physiotherapy is a treatment that utilises therapeutic exercises to restore, maintain and make the most of your mobility and wellbeing. You can book in to see a physiotherapist who will discuss the pains or problems you are experiencing and they can start your treatment as soon as at your first appointment. Our physiotherapists are also skilled in acupuncture and shockwave therapy, which can be favourable in persistent pain conditions.

Or you may find a Sports Massage is more beneficial to work on any physical pain you are noticing. At Q Sports Physio, our Sports Massage Therapists use deep tissue massage techniques that helps treat soft tissue injuries and restore muscle imbalances to bring back optimal functionality of your body and relieve pain.

Personal Training at Kew.

Whether it’s going for a walk, run or working out; becoming more active has many benefits to our physical and mental health. At Q Sports Physio Kew, we have a fantastic Personal Trainer in our fully equipped private fitness studio. Personal training gives you a routine to exercise in, and accountability to ensure you are reaching your health and fitness goals.

What’s more, our physiotherapists and sports massage therapists are experts in sports injury and general fitness. The team can help you with existing sports injuries, and help you to prevent injuries occurring.

Stress can cause our muscles to tense up - a sports massage could be booked to help you to relax your muscles and to work out the tension. By helping you to relax, a massage can also help with anxiety and help to improve your mood. It is also likely that your massage will help you to sleep better.

We hope this blog has given you some insight into how we can help you feel at your best. Please contact our clinic by emailing or calling 020 8287 1962 to find out how we can help. Or find out more about our physio and sports massage services here. For more information on personal training with Dan, click here.

Posted on: April 12th, 2023

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