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📍Kew, Richmond
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📍Moorgate, London
📍Imperial Wharf (opening 23rd of May 2024)


Q Sports Physio are a team of experts, providing physiotherapy, sports massage, osteopathy, shockwave therapy, sports injury care, acupuncture, occupational health and personal training.

All of our specialists are committed to helping you with injuries, pain management, mobility concerns and health and wellbeing improvement. We use our expertise to design a treatment plan according to your needs and goals. Q Sports Physio work with a number of partners including orthopaedic surgeons, our in-house personal trainers, local gyms and aesthetics clinic, Cosmeticine.

Our primary clinic is located in Kew, Richmond. We also have treatment rooms in Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub near Ealing and in Moorgate.

Our Services

Physiotherapy appointment.
Physiotherapy ->

Physiotherapy is a treatment that utilises therapeutic exercises and education to restore, maintain and make the most of a patient’s mobility and well-being. It helps patients of all ages to manage pain and prevent injury through physical rehabilitation. Physiotherapists also use different manual therapy techniques to relieve patients’ symptoms.

Sports Massage at Kew.
Sports massage ->

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage that helps treat soft tissue injuries and restore muscle imbalances to bring back optimal functionality of your body. Sports Massage is fantastic for those who enjoy physical activities. It is also very beneficial for anyone experiencing niggles from day-to-day activities or simply wanting to guard against possible injuries or discomfort.

Shockwave therapy appointment.
Shockwave therapy ->

Shockwave therapy brings high dosages of energy to painful spots and triggers healing and regeneration process. This effect is favourable in all persistent pain conditions of muscles and tendons. Pain relief is experienced after the first treatment and the healing process will continue over the next few weeks.

Acupuncture appointment.
Acupuncture ->

Western medical acupuncture is the use of acupuncture following a medical diagnosis. It involves stimulating sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles. This results in the body producing natural substances, such as pain-relieving endorphins. It's likely that these naturally released substances are responsible for the beneficial effects of acupuncture.

Occupational health.
Occupational health ->

Q Sports Physio provide occupational health services. Physiotherapy and deep tissue massage have many benefits to your employees. This is beneficial if you are experiencing feelings of stress or tension in your muscles or joints from a busy lifestyle or sitting at a desk or in the car for a long duration of time.

Other Services at Q Sports Physio


Q Sports Physio have a team of sports injury physiotherapy and sports massage specialists, ready to help you rehabilitate from existing injuries and help prevent injuries occurring.

Sports injury at the gym.

Google Reviews


"Michael is the best physiotherapist you can ever have, knowledgeable, invested and socially intelligent person. He has a solution to every problem and keeps updating his methods to help expedite the recovery process."

Ahmed Sha’ban

December 2023


"Great experience at Q Sports Physio. I was seeing Craig for my shoulder impingement and high hamstring tendinopathy. Happy with the treatment and exercises given to do at home. I started noticing big improvements after a few weeks of regular exercise. 🙏"

Jade Webster

December 2023


"I have been to Q Sports Physio in Kew a number of times, most recently seeing Craig D'Mello for Plantar Fasciitis. Over a number of physio sessions, he has eased the pain and got me back running, once a week and short distances to start with. I am now back to running 3-4 times a week at longer distances. Craig and the rest of the Q Sports Physio team are friendly, welcoming and practical, focused on getting me back on the towpath!"

Marcus Newton

December 2023


"Marco and the team are great. They make you feel really comfortable and at ease. Looking forward to completing my treatment and being fixed!"


November 2023


"I needed a deep tissue massage for general back and neck pain as I do a very physical job, I had been in a lot of pain. Zoe was my therapist and she was excellent, knew what she was doing and helped so much! I’ll be going for regular appointments from now on. Thanks!"

Leo Yaffe

October 2023


"Professional practice and very extensive knowledge of sports injury. Immediate treatment with sports massage, trigger point massage, highly recommend. Mike and Craig know their stuff. 💪"

Adam Jovic

October 2023

Q Sports Physio Locations

Are you looking for a Physiotherapy and Sports Massage clinic near you? Q Sports Physio have three clinic locations across London.


Q Sports Physio is located in Kew, Richmond. The clinic is conveniently situated near to Kew Gardens Train station and many local bus routes.

Address: 283 Sandycombe Road, Kew, Richmond, London Tw9 3LU

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Located within Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub, this clinic is conveniently situated between Ealing, Acton, Brentford and Chiswick. there is lots of public transport including Acton Town and South Ealing tube stations just a few minutes away.

Address: Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub, Popes Lane, London W3 8LQ

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Eight Core Moorgate gym.

We have launched a new treatment room located within the Eight Core gym, at Eight Club Moorgate. Find out more about Physiotherapy and Sports Massage at Q Sports Physio Moorgate.

Address: 1 Dysart Street, Moorgate, London EC2A 2BX

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Located within ONE LDN Gym & Functional Fitness Space, this clinic serves Fulham, Chelsea, and Battersea. Convenient transport links via the nearby Imperial Wharf overground station connect to the London Underground, making the West End just 30 minutes away. Access to Clapham Junction, Waterloo, Victoria, and a river taxi service to the City is effortless.

Address:Imperial Wharf the Boulevard, Imperial Wharf, 3 The Blvd, London SW6 2UB

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