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Are you experiencing muscle tension, joint pain or an injury? Muscle aches and pains can be the effect of so many different things in our day to day life. It could be from sport, or from a busy lifestyle or general day to day aches from activities such as driving your car and sitting at a desk.

No matter what the cause, a Sports Massage can help treat and prevent these aches and pains. The many benefits include relieving muscle tension, soreness, imbalances, stress or injuries. The effects of sports massage encourage the healing process and muscle recovery.

Reasons to have a Sports Massage

Sports Massage for Injuries

If you have an injury, sports massage uses deep tissue massage techniques to apply pressure on tight/sore areas to release built up tension and break down scar tissue. By focusing on areas of tightness, a sports massage will loosen the muscle tissues and kickstart the circulation of blood and oxygen to the affected muscles in order to help you recover and recuperate faster.

Sports Massage for Preventative Reasons

Another reason to have a sports massage is to reduce the chance of injuries occurring if you regularly play a sport. Sports massage releases and reduces tension build up in muscles, improves circulation and speeds up the process of waste products such as lactic acid being expelled out of the muscles, allowing muscles to absorb fresh nutrients in the body and repair themselves.

Sports Massage for your overall Health and Wellbeing

Sports Massage is fantastic for relaxation. Sometimes when we are busy, tired or stressed, we may start to notice our muscles tense up. A sports massage can focus on relieving this tension for you, helping you to relax and unwind as well as replenishing fatigued or knotted muscles.

Sports Massage Blogs

Sports Massage for Football Players

Whether you play football regularly or occasionally, sports massage can help in several ways. If you have an injury, sports massage uses deep tissue massage techniques to apply pressure on tight/sore areas to release built up tension and break down scar tissue.
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The Benefits of Sports Massage for Skiers

We really enjoy skiing, and have lots of fun doing it. But we also know that no matter what skiing level you are, there is the potential to get pains, soreness or injuries. Below we discuss the causes of the most common injuries and pains that can occur from skiing, and how sports massage can help!
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Race to Q Sports Physio for a Sports Massage!

By having a sports massage on the build-up to a race, you could avoid pain and injury. A sports massage after your race will help to relax those aching muscles and help to heal any pain.
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Google Review

"I am glad that I found Q Sports Physio Kew for my sports massage. I have been visiting Zoe for a couple of months and I would like to mention that her massage is really on point. She is able to identify the knots on my calf and back which releases the tightness and allows me to continue training.

If you are looking for someone for deep tissue massage, you can head to this place and look for Zoe. She is really very good."

Yuting Loh (Alvin)

Google Review

"I use Q Sports Physio for a deep tissue massage and Zoe is my masseuse. My legs get very painful from riding my bike. She is able to get deep into the muscles when required but mixes this with other loosening techniques that are more soothing. She is knowledgeable and explains what she is doing and how it will help me. She also gave me some stretches to do every day intra sessions to help alleviate the issues. Excellent value for money and she is very personable"

Mark Coombe

Google Review

"Fantastic physio centre. Mike Saad provided great care, is highly knowledgeable and addressed a long standing (and painful) knee problem within 6 sessions through a mix of massage and exercise. Explained clearly the exercises I needed to do at home, and how they would benefit me which was highly motivating. Definitely recommended."

Ray Nakhwa

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Our team of highly skilled staff are here to help you prevent injury and pain, and get you back to feeling at your best. We offer 60, 45 and 30-minute appointments.

Zoe sports massage therapy.

Where can I get a Sports Massage?

We offer Sports Massage at all three of our Q Sports Physio clinics. Find a clinic near you:

Kew, Richmond

Q Sports Physio is based in Kew, Richmond. We are located near to Kew Gardens Train station and many local bus routes.

283 Sandycombe Road, Kew, Richmond, London TW9 3LU

Gunnersbury Park

Q Sports Physio has a clinic located within Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub. This clinic is ideal if you live in Ealing, Acton, Chiswick or further out. It is situated near Acton Town and South Ealing tube stations.

Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub, Popes Lane, London W3 8LQ


Q Sports Physio Moorgate opens on 4th October. Contact us for a Sports Massage in central London.

1 Dysart Street, Moorgate, London EC2A 2BX

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