What is Shockwave Therapy?

Unique, non-invasive solution for problems associated with musculoskeletal system. Shockwave therapy was first used in the 1980’s and was called lithotripsy for destruction of kidney stones. Today, shockwave therapy is a highly effective treatment method for a wide range of applications in:

  • Rehabilitation

  • Orthopaedics

  • Sport medicine

  • Veterinary

  • Aesthetic medicine

  • as a skin tightening and anti cellulite treatment

  • Dermatology

  • for wound healing

  • Veterinary

What are shockwaves?

Shockwaves are part of our daily lives – thunderstorms generate shockwaves Shockwaves used in medicine are acoustic or soundwaves wave carrying high energy to areas of pain to stimulate a healing, regenerative and reparative process.

Shockwaves are characterised by a rapid change of pressure, high amplitude and non-periodicity. The energy produced and transferred to tissue is much higher than ultrasound energy.

How does SWT work?

There are several ways to create shockwaves – BTL uses the pneumatic principle.
Compressed air is used to generate kinetic energy which propels a metal projectile against a transmitter at the end of the applicator.

Shockwaves generated by this effect spread out radially or in a focused manner depending on whether the transmitter profile is convex or concave.

Medical effects of shockwaves

Effective depth of penetration depends on the pre-set energy (pressure) and the shape of the transmitter used. The values of penetration depth range up to 7 cm.

A substantial part of the shockwave energy penetrates the tissue with a positive pressure pulse. The spread of the pressure wave is limited only by a small amount of absorption in the tissue. Higher absorption occurs on denser tissue such as bone.

Analgesic effect - elimination of pain

  • Enhanced dispersion of substance P

  • ecrease of muscle tension Inhibition of spasm and inhibition of nociceptive fibers

  • acceleration of healing Enhanced collagen production

Improved metabolism and microcirculation

  • Ligament neovascularization

  • Stimulation of osteoblasts activity with increases in osteogenesis

  • Mobility restoration Enhances re-absorption of calcium deposits

About the treatment

Shockwave therapy is extremely easy to apply. Four steps are required:

  1. Locate painful spots by palpation

  2. Set therapy parameters manually or use a pre-set program

  3. Apply contact gel

  4. Commence therapy

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